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Monetize Yourself: 4 Tips for Partnering with Brands on Your Blog

Do you already write a blog? Do you have an established audience? If so, then there is no better way to make money than to take advantage of your current website.

But, where do you begin? The number one way to monetize your blog, generate new readers, and gain credibility in the market (while simultaneously increasing your marketing success) is by teaming up with powerful brands.

These partnerships should be your ultimate goal and can help you easily profit from something you already do.

But, these partnerships take some work to establish and successfully integrate into your blog.

The good news is that building these partnerships isn’t that difficult – with the right approach, attitude, and work ethic, it can be pretty easy!

The following is a guide to help you get your blog in shape before you make a pitch to any major brand. I am here to guide you through what you should consider and how you should structure your blog before reaching out to those big labels.

If you follow my four tips, you can build strong and lasting relationships.

Tip #1: Build Your Brand & Reputation

As a blogger, you are likely aware of the high level of competition and the fact that not every blog is in a position to establish partnerships.

Similarly, brands don’t have unlimited resources and can only partner with a limited number of bloggers.

Build Highly-Engaged Followers

Brands and labels are interested in the quality of your follows, not the quantity. This means that you don’t have to have millions of followers to begin partnering.

Instead, you should focus on building a loyal and engaged group of followers that comments on your posts and actively communicates.

The most powerful brands are really looking for strong relationships between bloggers and their followers so focus on building this aspect of your blog first, rather than focusing on boosting numbers.

Create A Strong Presence Online

Once again, quality over quantity! Focus on creating a strong, consistent presence on social media. You need to be on top of your social media game to show the brands that you are advertising and promoting yourself.

Tip #2: Create An Attractive Media Kit

A media kit is a set of materials that is meant to give a simple and quick overview of what you and your blog are about. There are a few ESSENTIAL items that you must include in your media kit:

  • A quick introduction into who you are, your personality, why you blog, and what is most important to you.

  • The rundown on your blog: What's it about? Travel? Lifestyle? Fashion? Define the sphere that your blog is in and describe if you have a set calendar of regular or upcoming posts that brands could match up with.

  • Stats: Be sure to include crucial blog stats like how often you post, monthly unique visitors, monthly page views, and social media statistics. Other stats like all time average time on site, bounce rates, and all time page views can also be included.

  • Last but not least, your accomplishments: Be sure to share any and every accomplishment that you are proud of. This will serve like a CV for you and your blog. Some examples may be events that you covered, any awards you may have won, or other brands that you have partnered with in the past.

So let’s say you have everything listed above in place. Now you need to make sure that your blog is the right fit for the different brands that you want to work with.

Some important questions to ask yourself are: Do you and the brand have the same audience demographic? Does your blog match their marketing needs? Does it fit their focus? What do you offer that other bloggers cannot? Is it something unique?

If your answer all of these questions is yes, then you are ready to pitch!

Tip #3: Craft An Effective Pitch Email

This may be the most intimidating part: connecting with the brand!

It may seem scary, but don’t worry. The number one rule during this step is to be confident in yourself and what you can offer the brand!

Here are a few important things to include in your pitch email:

  • A clear subject line: keep it short and to the point. Let the brand know exactly what to expect from your email. Keep it professional but personal at the same time. Think of how many emails these brands get on a daily basis about collaboration; make yours stick out.

  • The introduction: Quickly introduce yourself and your blog. Include information about your audience demographic/reach. Explain what you are hoping to gain from a collaboration. Be sure to flatter them: tell them why you want to work with them and what you hope to get out of their brand.

  • The benefits you provide: Provide some detail here. What do you have to offer? What can they gain as a company? Be sure to include example of previous partnerships and collaborations you have done (if you have them) and explain how it could work with them.

  • Marketing Plan: How do you plan to market the brand’s product? Be as specific as possible! This requires some research and forethought, but this is likely the most crucial part of the email so don’t take it lightly!

  • Advertising options: Similarly to the previous point, detail exactly how you will advertise your blog posts and give some statistics about the different social media channels you will be sharing them on.

  • Contact info/media kit: Include ALL of your relevant details so the brand can contact you. Be sure to include the media kit as an attachment, but also to list your contact details in the email itself.

  • A positive ending and THANK YOU: Politeness is the key to scoring the deal!

Overall, confidence is the most important part of your email. Be sure to show you are confident in yourself, without being cocky. This will show the brand that you are serious, professional, and willing to get the job done.

Tip #4: Building A Long Lasting Relationship

Let’s say you followed all of the above steps, closed a collaboration deal, and are now beginning to work with a brand. How do you make this collaboration a long lasting partnership?

There are a few easy things you can do to make sure the brand will be happy and want to continue working with you.

The first step is to stay in touch with the brand. Stay engaged with them throughout the project and be sure to keep them in the loop about EVERYTHING. Being an active communicator will keep the brand notified and up to date with any feedback (hopefully positive) that you may be getting.

Next, go above and beyond. If you over-deilver, you will show the brand how dedicated you are to the project and that you have an air-tight work ethic. You want to give them more than they are expecting and be sure it’s your best work.

You can do this by simply upping the visual elements associated with your blog: use custom graphics and professional photography. You can also increase your social media activity to put extra emphasis on your blog or the brand.

Most importantly: DON’T BE LATE! Deliver everything you promised on time and exactly as the brand is expecting.

As the project takes shape, be sure to record all of your progress and results. This way you can present a report to the brand showing them what you have achieved. It is important to invest time and effort into this report because it will show them you are taking the project – and your collaboration – seriously.

After the project has been completed, think about how you could turn this brand relationship into a partnership. Think of some creative ideas of how you could move forward with the brand and pitch them the ideas in an attractive presentation.

But, wait! Don’t do this right away. Take your time and allow a few weeks to pass. You don’t want to overwhelm them, but don’t wait too long or they may forget what you’ve done!

If you have completed all of these steps than you should be in good shape to begin collaborating with brands. But remember, good collaboration may take time to develop. Be patient and don’t give up because you don’t see results right away.

Reach out to as many different possible collaborators as possible and eventually you’ll get a bite. Once you do, all of your hard work and preparation will pay off!

Evan Lang