Evan Lang

IDF Video

Video produced for the Israel Defense Forces while serving as an NCO in the New Media Branch of the Spokesperson's Unit. 


A comprehensive look inside the IDF's activities in Hebron, one of the most complicated cities in Judea and Samaria. 

IDF forces on the border with Syria face constant threat from the Assad Regime, Syrian Rebels, Islamic Jihadists, and other players in the Syrian Civil War. 

Jehan Berman immigrated to Israel from Belgium and now lives on Israel's border with Gaza. During a birthday party for his 3-year-old son, a mortar landed just outside the kindergarten where they were celebrating.

IDF soldiers endure long and intense training in order to prepare them for any scenario they may face on the battlefield. The masa kumta - beret march in Hebrew - is the last stage of their training before thry go on to guard Israel's borders and help make up the unique force that is the IDF.

Jump into the cockpit and get ready for take off with one of the IDF's world-class fighter pilots!

The IDF's latest operation in the Gaza Strip, Operation Protective Edge, had a high cost of human life. Sixty-seven soldiers were killed on the ground and hundreds of others were injured during the fighting. The first soldiers to provide medical treatment to the wounded are the IDF's paramedics, who are often female soldiers.

Lieutenant Adam Landau, from the 188th Armored Brigade, fought in Gaza during Operation Protective Edge. Watch him describe what he saw and felt while he was battling Hamas.

An in-depth look at what goes on behind the scenes on the INS Degel, a Dvora-class patrol ship based out of Haifa. 

During Operation Protective Edge, Sgt. Itamar acted valiantly to defended his fellow soldiers and his country. In doing so, he was awarded a citation for his extraordinary service.  

The "Herev" Battalion - composed entirely of Israeli Druze soldiers - celebrates 40 years since its inception and incorporation into the IDF. The unit recently completed a final march in order to receive their berets in which they hiked from town to town in northern Israel, close to the areas they will be responsible for defending.

Captain Maayan Orevi is a Civil Operations Officer in the IDF's COGAT unit. His job is to assist the IDF in its relations with the Palestinian population and coordinate all activities between the two communities. 

Staff Sgt. Michael Levin, raised in Philadelphia, was on leave in the US when the Second Lebanon War started. He could not watch from afar. He returned to his Paratroopers company and died fighting by their side. Today, he would've been 30. We remember his brotherhood & bravery.

The Jordan Valley Regional Brigade holds a brigade-level exercise to test their preparedness on many fronts. 

The IDF operates a field hospital in the Golan Heights to treat wounded Syrian civilians affected by the civil war ravaging the country. "We help civilians who are injured by Syrian Army attacks or by the rebels," asserted Golani Company Commander Maj. Simon Sisso.

Today we celebrate 66 years of Israeli Independence. 66 years of courage and bravery, compassion and grace. 66 years of stories and shared memories. 66 years of defending Israel. We wish you all happy Independence Day!

During the Jewish festival of Simchat Torah, we celebrate the joy of the Torah, learning, and education. Cpl. Yael Shtockman is one of the many soldier-teachers in the IDF that work in Israeli schools, educating new immigrants and incorporating them into Israeli society.

Lt. Libby Weiss from the IDF Spokesperson's Unit gives an exclusive look into one of Hamas' terror tunnels, near Kibbutz Ein HaShlosha. 

The IDF welcomes you to join a festival of nature! Today we celebrate Tu BiShvat, the "New Year of the Trees." This day is a great opportunity for us to express our love for the land we protect. Happy Tu BiShvat! 

The IDF's top units -- including Sayeret Matkal, Duvdevan and Shayetet 13 -- each chose their top fighters to battle against each other in the second annual Krav Maga competition. See who is the IDF's best of the best.

In recent months, the citizens of Israel have frequently woken up to the news of horrific terror attacks. The attack in Tel Aviv on January 21, 2015 was just one of many.

How does the IDF monitor activity in Gaza? Learn how our soldiers keep an eye on Gaza terrorists.

Gaza terrorists have fired more than 100 rockets at Israel during the past three weeks. Israeli civilians living closest to Gaza have only 15 seconds to find shelter during an attack. 

Israeli forces on the Mediterranean coast recently stopped two Gaza ships involved in weapons smuggling. Meet the elite soldiers of the Israel Navy's Surveillance Unit.

Elite soldiers of the IDF's Yahalom unit - meaning "diamond" in Hebrew - work to uncover hidden weapons during the search for the three kidnapped teenagers, Eyal, Gilad, and Naftali. 


On the night of June 12, 2014, Hamas terrorists kidnapped three Israeli teenagers near Gush Etzion. The IDF is searching relentlessly to find the missing youths. What if these were the last words you heard your child say?